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More recaps are coming (and even something else fun and wedding- related!) but wanted to share this, while ya wait…

We were featured AGAIN!  This time, at My Kate Parker Wedding.

Take a looksie!



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…but in the meantime…here are two stalker pics of a wedding we saw at our venue yesterday!  =)

Here we were hiding behind some bushes and looking on…

…and this one was a pic from behind the glass, into the reception hall.  Notice their chiavari chairs…fancy!

It was a great way to celebrate our three-month milestone!

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Wow, where does the time go?  Nevermind, let the show go on…

Suggested Listening Material for this post:

When we left off, I was rising to the sweet aroma of cinnamon, as my lovely bridesmaid Liz was baking us a cluster of sweet, sticky cinnamon buns..


Sooo yummers…yeah…*wipes drool off face* but yeah, it was a nice way to wake up!  I was all clean and smelling ever-so-‘Daisy’ and pulled on my burgundy Puma track jacket over my grey cami and charcoal yoga pants, then slipped my feet into my worn-in black and pink Fit-Flops.  Emerging from my room, I stepped out into the suite’s living area and opened up my MacBook, pulling up iTunes and checking some last minute Facebook.

(self photo)

Sitting around the table, Liz and I chatted casually about the day ahead, and entertained ourselves by flipping through different favorite songs of our past, while taking nibbles of the tasty pastries and long swigs of Tropicana Orange Juice – out of the tiny cartons, of course!  Before long, however, we were sensing the time, and I exchanged a few texts with the Best Man, Matthew, who we convinced to bring us some bagels and coffee, in exchange for a peak of our ‘penthouse’ digs.  There was a pretty neat view from up there, after all!

(photo courtesy Matthew Muehlberger)

By this time, it was getting closer to GRT (get-ready-time!) and Amanda showed up, without a hitch!  Minutes later, her assistant also appeared; now we were just waiting for my hair and make-up girl, and so Amanda took advantage of the time by getting some really nice detail shots:

While she was snapping away, I started to do a 1/2 freak out, as my beauty girl had still not arrived.  She did call, a little after my initial wave of concern, and I handed the phone to Matthew, who would then become the Human Mapquest.  He steered her through, and finally, about an hour late, she arrived so we had to get crackin’.  I didn’t let the ire show, though =)

The time was a tickin’, and Matthew had to go on his merry way to continue his duties, but I was getting dolled up, so that’s all that was on my mind!  Liz snapped a few pics herself before she retreated into her room to start her prettying-up process as well…and about 1 1/2 later, the transformation was complete!  It was time to get in that dress!

Step 1: step into dress, making slight attempt at modesty – notice lovely strapless bra and blue slip on display!

Step 2: Hold dress up, while bridesmaid wrangles dress.

Step 3: Suck it in, just a little, so bridesmaid can lace you in, creating a lovely silhouette, (lol).

Step 4: Stay standing straight, so laces can get that extra special attention, before the bow is tied =)

Step 5: Admire the full effect in the mirror!

By this time, I was starting to sweat it a little, as it occured to me that we were going to miss our first look, a decision I had been hemming and hawing over through the planning process (evidenced here and here) but I just thought of it as a way of the heavens telling me it was not meant to be.  So, we piled into our vehicles and made the 15-ish mile journey over to Lake Nona, where the fun (and the guests, bridal party, and of course, my groom!!!! were waiting).  Oh boy.

Did anything trigger a rapid course of events on your wedding day?

(All beautiful images from the artistic genius of Amanda McMahon)

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THE RECAPS are officially beginning!  Wahoo =)


I am planning on breaking up the day into sections, which will include insight & comments, as well as visual and audio aids, as necessary.  Loosely, the schedule will be presented as follows, and hopefully, once they’re completed in full, they will be linked here:

I.  The morning begins.

II. Gettin’ purdy.

III. Crisis (averted).

IV. Light speed.

V. We do.

VI. Effervescent.

VII. Dance, dance.

VIII. In the Books.

IX. Whew.

X. Details, Schmetails.

XI. With a little help from my friends.

When these recaps are complete, I may also attempt a Honeymoon version of recaps, although those photographs will not be nearly as shiny and pretty, lol.  Let me know if there is any particular subject you’d like to hear see blogged about regarding our wedding recaps and YOU NEVER KNOW, I may feature it in the upcoming days, weeks or years…however long it takes me to complete this journaling expedition! 😉

* = pro pics.

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Blogs in Film.



Yesterday, I had the opportunity to view a film I have been meaning to see for over a month.  Of course, due to work and schedules and a myriad of not the best reasons, I had not gone around to it – but besides that point, yesterday I found myself at the Downtown Disney area, with a little over two hours to kill, and gave it a go, solo.

…and I am so glad I did.

See, though this movie was received as “so-so” by critics, it really is a jewel – the characters are so rich, and real, and effectively portray the spectrum of emotions one may experience in the toughest of times: whether that is an emotional crisis related to age, struggles toward personal triumphs, or just plain day-to-day life.  Another interesting point about this film is that it’s heralded as the first film heavily inspired by a blog (okay, it was a blog, then a book, then a movie, but I digress.)

What I loved about this film is that it captured heart – and I know, I know, it’s “just a film” but analyzing the two main relationships portrayed (Julia & Paul Child and Julie & Eric Powell) was a real exercise in setting the gauge at how you want your marriage to be like.  Julia, on one hand, was a endlessly effervescent beacon of positivity, that was complemented (and completed ) wholly by her encouraging husband.  Their relationship endured dramatic physical relocations, as well as political pressure but they endured, loving each other for who they were, with playfulness and passion.  Powell and her husband, on the other hand, were a younger couple, somewhat disillusioned from the rigors of daily life, functioning as little more than roommates during the hard times.  And though Eric Powell was the “nice” guy in the relationship, he was still subject to the fragility of human emotion.  These two relationships, as starkly contrasting as they were, served as case studies as to the classic formula of success in a marriage: give and take.

Now what does this all have to do with wedding planning?

Hah, well, besides the fact that there certainly was a wedding in the film (yes, a very vintagey-chic affair in Paris for Julia’s sister) I think the lessons in love and relationships ring loudly throughout.  And, can I get a big, collective sigh for the sweeping, beautiful shots of Paris  in the late 40’s?  Beautiful vintage style, lovely Parisian scenes and bubbly chic…



One day we’ll eventually get to Julia Child’s Paris (again, wedding-related as Paris was my dream Honeymoon destination – we can take raincheck on that though, right!?) and the cycle will be complete…

How has the idea of wedding planning changed your movie-watching experience?

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On the road to whiter teeth.

…previously, in The Adventures of a Bride-to-Be’s Teeth...

Ah ha!  Thanks for joining us today on a very special episode, detailing the FANTASTIC WORLD of home teeth-whitening.  But this is not just any teeth whitening; this is Nite White, specially dispensed by only the finest dental professionals!  And, as a bonus feature, the process has been fully documented with the most high-tech recording devices known to man – the iSight built-in webcam!  Witness the thrills, chills and utter excitement of the daily process to take those slightly un-white teeth to the splitting image of pristine snow.  So, let’s have a look, shall we?

Photo 65

Behold…the menacing black box!

Photo 80

Marvel…at the custom-crafted impressions!

Photo 93

Delight…at the novel, syringe-like instrument that contains the active whitening ingredients!

Photo 113

Ponder…the tiny dot application to each critical space in the tray!

Photo 115

Revel…at the powerful suction action of the trays adhering to the teeth!

And finally –

Photo 116

Hold that toothy grin for 60 minutes, then lather, rinse and repeat* this process for approximately 14 nights, in hope that your efforts don’t go unnoticed!

* Don’t literally lather, rinse and repeat.  It’s more like remove, brush out with a toothbrush and set out to dry over night before starting over.  But I am sure you guessed that was a figure of speech 😉

What silly beauty ritual would you adopt, in effort to create a more picture-perfect you?

Special thanks to Miss Bear Cub, of Weddingbee for inspiring the visual aspect of this entry.

This entry was brought to you by humility, the letter M and the number 75.

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