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Okay, friends, I am back, and with a 1/2 post; one that has a few announcements of coming attractions, but little content!

  1. I designed, ordered and received our WEDDING ALBUM!  I went through a company called A&I Books and took advantage of an awesome Groupon and we love how it turned out.  Look for that post soon.
  2. With the help of Amanda McMahon, our wedding photographer extraordinaire, I can now add “Trash the Dress” as a session/experience I need to blog about to my list because she swooped in (along with the amazing Makeover Maven, Heather!) and helped me plan a double TTD – for me and my good friend, Karalea.
  3. Recaps still haven’t been officially completed, but hey, I’ve still got 5+ months before our 1st anniversary! 😉
  4. And finally a READER QUESTION: Should I recap/journal highlights from our honeymoon?  Would it be helpful to read a blog post about budget honeymoon tips?  Let me know, that’s a project I’d love to share with anyone that might have questions.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now, folks, but as I can see from my WordPress Dashboard, there ARE some readers out there still (bless your hearts!) despite my mini-hiatus from ‘this side’ of my blogging, but in the meantime, feel free to keep up with me at my personal blog, here.

(and for good measure, heck, how abouts a pic?  of course, credit goes to Amanda McMahon)


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I’m currently listening to the Disney Fairytale Weddings album..very cute CD!  But anywho…today has been so awesome, just chilling around the house, playing on the internet, getting my new shoes in the mail, ODing on caffeine; wonderful!

Working on my current projects of music and attire, as previously blogged about, but also started back onto thinking about cake 🙂  Eric and I decided early on-ish that we’d order our cake from Publix, because I really enjoy the service there, and then recently, we enjoyed some cake from there (on my bday!) and it was quite good.  They have a big book of designs, like most supermarket bakeries do, and they’re ‘happy to customize’ as well.  

Going over the catalog, I like this one the best, as a start:


…in our colors, I am thinking creme and brown.  I have designed the cake topper…so the only specification we’d need on the cake size is that the thing could fit on top 😀



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