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…and the rings?


Back in the height of my DIY madness, I came up with the idea of making our own ring pillow.  I used felt, hot glue, tulle, some buttons, needle and thread.  I didn’t document the process, because well, it was a work in progress that just evolved to what you see pictured there.  My original plan called for the rings to be secured by ribbon, but logistically, it just didn’t work that way, so tied tulle it was!

Now, since the road to the ring pillow was haphazard, so was the plan.  Sure, I made this little pillow, but what would I do with it?  Would a bridesmaid carry it?  Would a parent carry it?  Would it just appear at the alter the moment the officiant requested their presence?

…or…would we have a ring bearer?

I have to admit, I was quite enamored with the idea of a little one dressed like Eric and his guys, and in fact, one certain nephew of Eric’s would be perfect for the job…only, since he’s still so young, I believed that no one else was in support of that idea, so I somewhat scrapped it…despite Google searching images that would mesh with Eric’s attire…

052_Tuxgear_BLUE_3-10-09 shapeimage_1-1(source) & (source)

…but then recently the topic once again re-emerged, and that’s a good thing!  So, I have a bid on eBay for a little toddler chocolate brown tux which I hope to win.  If so, Gauge (Ali’s son) will be strutting down the aisle with his mama with the rings!

Stay tuned for more on this exciting development! =D


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Was on the Men’s Wearhouse site, playing with the “Build-a-Tux” application, and created this.

Love, love, love it!  Eric = so handsome in this, I know it. =)

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