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It occurred to me somewhat early in the planning process that our celebration would be taking on the pseudo-life of a destination wedding; see, it was easy for me and Eric, because it was local for us, but a large percentage of our guest list would be travelling not only from out of state, but also from overseas.  With this in mind, we were hoping to compromise on a nice location that would complement our style, stay in reasonable budget and also prove to be ‘worth the flight’ for our out-of-town guests.  This challenge was definitely something we were willing to take on, and suprisingly, it was much easier than we would have imagined.


As chronicled earlier in our wedding planning journey, we did check out a few venues before deciding on the final, and most ‘under our nose’ solution of Village Walk at Lake Nona; Eric’s neighborhood, which is home to a very pretty town center.


On top of being aesthetically pleasing and convenient, it’s in a great location, not far from the Orlando In’tl Airport:

(VillageWalk is right under the actual “Lake Nona.”)


At VillageWalk, we have the freedom of time (no time constraints, like many other venues), the ease on budget (no charge for the outside ceremony) and the ability to work with whatever vendors we prefer, as far as caterers and such, which alleviates the stress of added fees such as cake-cutting and other issues in which we can decide on our own accord.


Another great benefit is the distance to Eric’s place…the transport of supplies/decorations/people etc. is going to be great.  So not only did we save time and money, we’ll hopefully save our sanity with this location choice; and though this has been determined for quite a while, it still makes me smile to think that our venue is a place that I will be able to see every single day once Eric and I are married, and have fond memories, as long as we’re living in Florida.


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Yay yay inspiration.

Okay, as I was sitting there, typing out a progress post for my other blog, and I was trying to think of a cute way to present th wedding programs…and it hit me!

Little Golden Books!

I am going to combine the ceremony and reception goodness together and make a fun program/little book.


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Escort Cards

To start things off, I have a confession: I had no idea what an escort card was before this whole wedding planning adventure started.  I had seen photo albums of them featured on theknot.com, and read blogs about creative ideas brides were using to display them, but it wasn’t until about this week that it really made sense to me.

Luckily, through the several magazines, books and websites that I have been perusing, it finally made sense to me.  This website does a great job at a simple explanation.

So, during my lunch break yesterday, I was brainstorming some possible ideas for escort cards at the reception, and came to the conclusion that if we made them fun enough, we could skip the place cards – because to me, that’s like repeating.  And, dependent upon the guest count and taking a cue from some of the aforementioned examples, we could theme the tables into title, in lieu of numbers.  (As in, if the theme was colors, Joe, Jane and Bob are sitting at Blue table, and Linda, Nancy and Stephen are at Red table, instead of boring old ‘Table 1’ or ‘Table 2’).  Along with that table theming, we could incorporate a presentation that ties in themes/interests, instead of just folded tent cards.

Here are some general brainstorms I thought up:

  • Tables as places/locations we have lived: Waterloo, IA; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Yokota Air Base, Japan; Osan AB, Korea, Pullman, WA.
  • Toy cars on a table, glued to card stock

So, that first idea would be good if we had only 6 tables, but if there were more, we could need to figure out what else to add…but I think it’d be kind of cool, since we could decorate all the tables the same, more or less with the previous ideas we have come up with, but add some subtle touches to make that table a little different.  Also, the reason for the toy cars as escort  cards, is actually from an idea of Eric’s!  I brought up this topic to him yesterday and I mentioned I wanted to have a facet of his personality in the details as well (as I was already planning the subtle Disney touches) and after a few really bad ideas of his, I was actually very surprised and happy that he seemed to put real thought into it. 

I was thinking we could make a little table with a display, and have the cars rubber cemented to the cards, which would then feature the guests’ name and ‘table destination,’ and put some kind of structure underneath the table cloth, to create an image as if the card/cars were going over hills, etc, and have a little banner say something cheesy like, “Where will your journey take you?” or “All Roads Lead Home” or, cheesy reference to BTTF, “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”


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