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Okay, friends, I am back, and with a 1/2 post; one that has a few announcements of coming attractions, but little content!

  1. I designed, ordered and received our WEDDING ALBUM!  I went through a company called A&I Books and took advantage of an awesome Groupon and we love how it turned out.  Look for that post soon.
  2. With the help of Amanda McMahon, our wedding photographer extraordinaire, I can now add “Trash the Dress” as a session/experience I need to blog about to my list because she swooped in (along with the amazing Makeover Maven, Heather!) and helped me plan a double TTD – for me and my good friend, Karalea.
  3. Recaps still haven’t been officially completed, but hey, I’ve still got 5+ months before our 1st anniversary! 😉
  4. And finally a READER QUESTION: Should I recap/journal highlights from our honeymoon?  Would it be helpful to read a blog post about budget honeymoon tips?  Let me know, that’s a project I’d love to share with anyone that might have questions.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now, folks, but as I can see from my WordPress Dashboard, there ARE some readers out there still (bless your hearts!) despite my mini-hiatus from ‘this side’ of my blogging, but in the meantime, feel free to keep up with me at my personal blog, here.

(and for good measure, heck, how abouts a pic?  of course, credit goes to Amanda McMahon)


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More recaps are coming (and even something else fun and wedding- related!) but wanted to share this, while ya wait…

We were featured AGAIN!  This time, at My Kate Parker Wedding.

Take a looksie!


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THE RECAPS are officially beginning!  Wahoo =)


I am planning on breaking up the day into sections, which will include insight & comments, as well as visual and audio aids, as necessary.  Loosely, the schedule will be presented as follows, and hopefully, once they’re completed in full, they will be linked here:

I.  The morning begins.

II. Gettin’ purdy.

III. Crisis (averted).

IV. Light speed.

V. We do.

VI. Effervescent.

VII. Dance, dance.

VIII. In the Books.

IX. Whew.

X. Details, Schmetails.

XI. With a little help from my friends.

When these recaps are complete, I may also attempt a Honeymoon version of recaps, although those photographs will not be nearly as shiny and pretty, lol.  Let me know if there is any particular subject you’d like to hear see blogged about regarding our wedding recaps and YOU NEVER KNOW, I may feature it in the upcoming days, weeks or years…however long it takes me to complete this journaling expedition! 😉

* = pro pics.

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Nostalgic Slideshow

I have been toying with the idea of having a slideshow going during the cocktail hour, as we’re taking our formal photos and such. During the show, we’ll play the entire album from Disney’s Fairytale Weddings (all instrumentals of classic Disney songs; my Disney fix without being over-the-top!)

The only challenge is that I don’t have TONS of pics and would prefer not to have photos repeat TOO many times (I know an hour is a lot of pics, so I know they’ll probably repeat at least once, but the more the merrier!)

So, if you have pictures with/of me or Eric (or both), please send them my way. =) I appreciate the help!

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One more thing today!  

A few weeks ago, I designed and ordered very inexpensive color business cards from Vista Print for our guests to share their own digital pictures captured at our wedding!  They came in and I was very impressed with their quality 🙂  I had heard mixed reviews about their service, but I have nothing but positive feedback for them!

Isn’t it nice when you’re pleasantly surprised?  It’s really the little things that count!!

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