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I once again interrupt my recaps with a special EXTRA on Rehearsal Dinner Style!

Just a few minutes ago, I found myself following the links from my e-mail sent from dElia‘s and I was temporarily transported back to middle school times, as I recall browsing their catalog each month.  I clicked on over, and saw some really cute new spring items, and was inspired to create a “look” – and where better to debut it than this wedding blog?

So, here goes:

Picture a spring afternoon, with the scent of sweet, tall grass drifting through the air.  The wedding will take place under a large oak tree which will be donned with cherry-blossom pink lanterns the very next day…

1. Alayna Shirt Dress, $44.50 (in Natural)

2. Blowfish Saloon Flat, $39.50 (in PINK)

3. Gwendolyn Necklace, $24.50 (GOLD)

Total for look: $108.50

(All items & images from dEliA’s.com)


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The other morning, before work, or errands, or something, I was struck with the sudden urge to make some chair signs.  Chair signs!?  What are chair signs?  Well, here are some gorgeous examples!

chair II21


From left to right, top to bottom: (1), (2mrs.taffy from weddingbee), (3) & (4)

To create ours, I scooped up a variety of left-over supplies and got them ready!


Ribbon, roll-adhesive, paper cutter, scissors, scrapbook paper, glue, flower-punch & chipboard letters – mine are called “twinkle type”


One straight-across cut.


Glue on letters in a jumbly-whimsical style.


Punched flower patters on the ends of the paper,  then glued the paper on top of cardboard I cut off a box.  (The box was the one that the branches came shipped in!  Bonus!)

After doing that, I took a step and admired the almost-finished product.  Though I did have ribbon sitting out, I didn’t attach it yet because I wasn’t sure what might be the best way to hang them.  Any ideas?  String them from the top?  The sides?  My chairs look kind of like this:



..and no, we are NOT doing chair covers (*GASP*) because we feel they’re a little too formal than our event will be.  What would you do?

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Wedding cakes.

Okay, remember my ideas about cake? I do, and I remember the help you lovely blog readers provided for me! Now, I am thinking more visual, and found more examples, in which I need some feedback, por favor!

First off, I really like the sample on the Publix website:

of course, we’d switch the colors up, and have less layers..so I started to think that the round looks better than square (IMO)


I think that design is ADORABLE, simple but cute and the cake topper would look cute on this.

..but this would also match the theme well, but is it too busy?  
(all from google search: blue & brown cakes)

Also, side note, it’s most likely a chocolate cake.

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…and another post.

I know, 6/22 must be post-a-palooza day…but I just wanted to post a link to a really cute project I found online that I’d love to incorporate to our reception decor; not as a cake-topper, since we’ve got that covered, but I am sure I can think of something! =D

Clothespin Cake Topper

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Guestbook, pt. I

Oh boy, this is a project that I have been dying to blog about, and have waited pretty long because I wanted to make sure it would work before proceeding with the explanation of the idea. =)

Long story short – well, it won’t be that short, but anywho – early in my crazy idea and planning phase, I was struck my a novel idea in one of the many wedding magazines I perused of using an art photography book (i.e. Ansel Adams kind of sweeping, majestic black and white photo books) and supplying an array of colored pens to sign to create a guestbook masterpiece.

ansel-adams +pens2sided= awesome!

So, to Barnes & Noble and BORDERS I went, to search for a suitable large, coffee-table style book that suited the purpose…sadly, to no avail!  Most of the books that I found that had fun, cool pictures had  a. way too much text in them (which I thought was interesting, considering they were photo books, but I digress) b. not enough pages or c. just weren’t the book I was looking for for some reason or another.  At that time, I thought I should scrap that idea completely in favor of having a blank book, full of pages left for guests to write whatever they wanted to, without being restricted to lines or sections…so they could draw their own pictures!

But then, after reading about other guest books, in the copious amounts of wedding blogs and websites (I tell you, wedding inspiration can be dangerous!) I quickly was sold on the Polaroid concept of including candid shots with the guests inside the book, like so:uno_kit_lg_classic
(photo courtesy http://www.weddingo.co.uk)

…until I found out how EXPENSIVE it would be! See, I already have a polaroid camera, but the film, that’s always been spendy, has become even harder to get a hold of since they stopped production of it. So, it was back to the drawing board momentarily, because as soon as I got to thinking about it, the Polaroid POGO printer popped into my mind!

The Polaroid POGO, for those unfamiliar, is basically a teeny-sized instant digital printer that uses ZINK technology (read: no ink) to produce images transmitted from cellphones or digital cameras. Take a look:

Now, that method for the guestbook still wouldn’t be “cheap,” but at $12 for 30 prints, it’s a much better bargain than the old school Polaroid, and the new prints are 2×3″ with sticky backs that would pop right into the book. I was pretty excited about the idea then, but had a few concerns in mind about this method, namely:

  • We’d have to leave out the POGO printer, along with a digital camera…which would be okay, since I obviously trust our guests, but there’s always that ‘what if’ element.
  • Reviews that I read mentioned that it might boggle the minds of the not-so-techno-savvy, which could cause…
  • … the need for roping in a guest for the not-so-fun honor of ‘Guest Book Attendant’ for the course of the reception.

Nevertheless, I was still enamored by the concept, and did some more research – come to find out that in June of 2009, a new model in the POGO line was to be released; an instant digital camera that prints right from the device!

To me, that was perfect; I’d get to have the camera there, next to the book, so guests could sign in in style, and if needed, it could be plugged in, but since it was only one device instead of two, we’d avoid an ugly A/C adapter tangle.  And since it’d be printing right from the device, I could rope in an attendant to just keep an eye on changing cartridges every 30 shots.

So, that was set, and then it came back to the book itself; how would it be presented, and how could I tie together my many, varied ideas into one cohesive guestbook?

Stay tuned for pt.II of the GUESTBOOK saga!

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Sticker shock



My mind has recently been wandering back to the subject of flowers and bouquets and etc…

 <– Inspiration once again provided by our friends at project wedding:

But here’s the thing…okay, I know that flowers are expensive, heck, I send flowers online for special events/holidays/etc., but wow, bouquets (and anything associated to the word ‘wedding’) are spendy!!  

And apparently I am not alone!  I Google searched “average bouquet cost” and came across a website called costhelper and found that:


  • “The average cost for wedding flowers, including the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets and groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres and corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom, along with flower girl flowers, is $698, according to The Bridal Association of America.
  • The bride’s bouquet usually costs $50 to $150 or more – two to three times as much as the bridesmaids’ bouquets, because it is larger and more ornate. The boutonnieres are much cheaper, usually about $10 or more.”

$700 for something that won’t last even a week?  Okay, it’s a wedding, and it’s a once in a lifetime event, and, let’s be honest, FLOWERS ARE PRETTY!

So, what does this mean for our wedding?

The plan that I have tentatively drawn up includes finding a florist that can create a nice bridal bouquet, along with nice flower corsages for the moms.  I hope to DIY boutteneires for the groom, groomsmen and dads, and perhaps even the ‘throw bouquet.’  My reasoning behind this is that I definitely want to keep certain ‘traditional’ elements in our day, while still making it distinctively ‘us.’

What other ‘must have’ wedding expenses have surprised you?

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I admit, I am a slave to several bridal trends, and am surrendering to more than a few for our wedding:

  • Candy Buffet
  • Birdcage veil/fascinators
  • Pocketfold invitations
  • Colored shoes

..so why not add one more?



I am trying now, to figure out which type I’d want to utilize for our wedding. Luna Bazaar has the best variety/prices that I’ve found thus far, and they range from very plain, solid colors (which we could spice up, if we wanted to) or even some really cute designs that’d look great with our colors/scheme, and perhaps serve multiple purposes in the wedding (shade, decoration, etc.)

What are some other creative uses of parasols you may have seen at weddings or other events?


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