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Remember this post?

So, this is how they turned out:

(pic via my iPhone)

What I did was really simple, and took only a few materials:

  • Three glass jars – one was a Ball jar (from cabinet), two from the Barilla marinara sauce from the night before’s lasagna — FREE.
  • Assorted ribbon, on sale @ Michael’s for 2 for 1 $4
  • Bag of river pebbles – $5
  • Three bunches of assorted flowers from grocery store – 3/$10

So…yup! ¬†Less than $20 for three small centerpieces ūüôā ¬†All I did was wash out the jars, wrap ribbon around and secured with hot glue, split up the pebbles and distributed evenly, filled the jars 3/4 with water, then ‘cleaned’ the flowers (removing leaves and randomness) and cut the stems short to arrange in the jars.

(The flowers were green mums, yellow carnations and *can’t see in this picture* white gerber daisies)

To make it more fun, I also personalized a $1 frame with ribbon, random magnets I had laying around from the dollar section and the couples’ picture, and then arranged it on an Ikea small display easel (unused leftover from our wedding decorations)

(Ironically, their initials are the same as me and hubs’!)

I decided on that pic from her Facebook album of e-pics – I knew she would to have a piece showcasing their little ‘family’ ūüôā

(This is how they looked together)

I was happy with the way they turned out, and they looked cute on our 12-top table at Mimi’s Cafe! ¬†Bonus? ¬†Bridal shower guests liked them and took the flowers home, which is always the best compliment!


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Yeah, so I am back and forth on my floral decision again.  I found such a great deal at Costco.com on the flowers, but really, do I want to spend time the day before, or even the morning of, working on flowers that I might get frustrated over?  Hmm, probably not.  I might just order a nice bouquet and wrap it the way I want, instead.

Here are some contenders:


(all images above from FTD.com)

It’s kind of funny, really, how much I keep wavering on this decision. ¬†Silly flowers.

What would you do at this point?

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Flower Fantabulousness.

Back on the mind lately: flowers!

I have thought about it/read about it/researched it all… the debates about silk v. real,¬†the discussions involving ordering flowers online and the endless topics concerning seasonal blooms,¬†colors and everything in between. ¬†In my learning journey, I’ve learned a lot – because really, I knew very little about flowers before wedding planning.

Here are my jumbly thoughts:

  • I want a hand tied bouquet – I really like the idea of keeping the flowers in water as long as possible before they make their debut, but I also like that stem look.
  • We’re going to reduce the floral budget greatly by only doing bride and bridesmaid bouquets. ¬†Our centerpieces are taken care of already, as well as ceremony decor. ¬†Of course, we already have our bouts for the boys – we might do corsages for moms, if part of a package.
  • I will probably order from *GASP* Costco Floral.

All of these topics would not have been possible for me to post about just a few months ago.  I had no idea how a bouquet was made (and now I could probably make an okay one, thanks to this nice lady) and was just smitten with images like these, without knowing an ounce about what flowers were contained in it, or how much it might be to afford one:



That one above is mostly peony Рa flower I fell in love with, of course, but came to find it was pretty much a spring flower.  Then of course, I loved Ranunculus, Dahlias and Stephanotis РI never even realized that Stephanotis was a real flower, can you believe that?



…sigh! ¬†But, in all my research adventures, it all came back down to one thing: money. ¬†Sure, after cutting my floral needs down, I was looking at a much more comfortable sum, but still, in my mind, it was the only element of the wedding that I felt was completely perishable. ¬†As in…I was buying something I knew was going to die soon. ¬†It made me really ¬†sad to know that, and my practical side got me thinking, hey, maybe I could just do without flowers….yeah, no big deal! ¬†Ugh, no, that didn’t happen, because my girly side, which sometimes emerges at the most inopportune times, kept overpowering, “you cannot have a wedding without flowers! ¬†What are you thinking?!”



So, with my ideas in mind of how it would look, roughly, and my eye closely locked on our pocketbook, I did some more searching. ¬†During this time, I was received suggestions from friends and family regarding flowers, and somehow, amdist the 40,000 ideas I had floating around my mind, I came to the conclusion that for my simple floral order, I could go through Costco, spend roughly $200 and get the arrangements I wanted, with little hassle. ¬†This was an idea I had thought of early on, but dropped it for a while since I thought it might be more cost-efficient to go to the grocery store day-of and just pick up some nice arrangements and do some fancy-schmancy hand-tying. ¬†Heck, I haven’t totally eliminated that idea yet – though the big CON I see in that one is essentially one that’s very last minute – and I don’t do last minute. ¬†Hmmm.

With that great debate (almost) settled, it’s back down to the appearance idea again – I think simple is the way to go, and for the longest time, I was completely smitten with hydrangea bouquets:



…but then, how can you mess with the timeless elegance of roses?



I have decided…or have I? ¬†I mean, yes…I have? ¬†I think so.

What would you choose in this situation?

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Sticker shock



My mind has recently been wandering back to the subject of flowers and bouquets and etc…

 <РInspiration once again provided by our friends at project wedding:

But here’s the thing…okay, I know that flowers are expensive, heck, I send flowers online for special events/holidays/etc., but wow, bouquets (and anything associated to the word ‘wedding’) are spendy!! ¬†

And apparently I am not alone! ¬†I Google searched “average bouquet cost” and came across a website called costhelper¬†and found that:


  • “The average cost for wedding flowers, including the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets and groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres and corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom, along with flower girl flowers, is¬†$698, according to¬†The Bridal Association of America.
  • The bride’s bouquet usually costs¬†$50 to $150 or more¬†– two to three times as much as the bridesmaids’ bouquets, because it is larger and more ornate. The boutonnieres are much cheaper, usually about $10 or more.”

$700 for something that won’t last even a week? ¬†Okay, it’s a wedding, and it’s a once in a lifetime event, and, let’s be honest, FLOWERS ARE PRETTY!

So, what does this mean for our wedding?

The plan that I have tentatively drawn up includes finding a florist that can create a nice bridal bouquet, along with nice flower corsages for the moms. ¬†I hope to DIY boutteneires for the groom, groomsmen and dads, and perhaps even the ‘throw bouquet.’ ¬†My reasoning behind this is that I definitely want to keep certain ‘traditional’ elements in our day, while still making it distinctively ‘us.’

What other ‘must have’ wedding expenses have surprised you?

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Bouquet inspiration…

As of yet, I am still debating how I want to do flowers for the wedding…but I found a few pics for inspiration…

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