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Yes, the Candy Man can!

…yup, so that song is stuck in my head!  but, for good reason, i tell ya!  Why, you may want to ask?  Well, it’s a celebration, for who just checked off that remaining item on the incredibly  “to do” list?  Haha!  And, it was incredibly complicated 😉

First, you take a bag from your handy-dandy packet of brown paper lunch bags.  Bonus points if the bags are “packed with love” as mine were.  No, seriously, look at the printing on the bag…it’s bolded and italicized!


Then, gather up some other supplies.  I used ribbon, double-sided tape, scissors and the 2″ labels I’ve used for several projects.


Next step is very precise: cut the ribbon in…wait for it…about the length of the lunch bag!  I know!  My meticulousness!!


Repeat this process for 45 light years.


Once that’s complete, line the “back” (you figure that one out!) of a piece of ribbon with one strip of DS tape.  This step is actually so easy I didn’t take a picture of it.  But this one I did: line that newly-tape-adhered ribbon up with the seam of the bag:


Then, fold the top over about 1.5 inches.


Now, flip the bag back over and slap on a sticker.


It’s pretty much done at this point.  If desired, this is the step in the process you may want to fluff out the bag to check your handiwork:


…and soon enough, you’ll have enough to fill a basket!  So grab one, pretty it up and throw them all in!!  Whoo, it’s a party in there!


Sure hope you enjoyed the adventure!  Was it worth the excruciating wait??


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Candy Buffet

Recently, I was thinking about how we would incorporate more personal touches to the wedding reception…while simultaneously daydreaming about sweets (and how I should not be eating too many of them if I’d like to fit into my dress!) and poof!  It hit me in the middle of a conversation I was having with my mom this evening.

We could incorporate the popular idea of a candy buffet…

with different Japanese candies…

and create a totally neat favor station!  Yay, LOVE it!!

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