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Wow, where does the time go?  Nevermind, let the show go on…

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When we left off, I was rising to the sweet aroma of cinnamon, as my lovely bridesmaid Liz was baking us a cluster of sweet, sticky cinnamon buns..


Sooo yummers…yeah…*wipes drool off face* but yeah, it was a nice way to wake up!  I was all clean and smelling ever-so-‘Daisy’ and pulled on my burgundy Puma track jacket over my grey cami and charcoal yoga pants, then slipped my feet into my worn-in black and pink Fit-Flops.  Emerging from my room, I stepped out into the suite’s living area and opened up my MacBook, pulling up iTunes and checking some last minute Facebook.

(self photo)

Sitting around the table, Liz and I chatted casually about the day ahead, and entertained ourselves by flipping through different favorite songs of our past, while taking nibbles of the tasty pastries and long swigs of Tropicana Orange Juice – out of the tiny cartons, of course!  Before long, however, we were sensing the time, and I exchanged a few texts with the Best Man, Matthew, who we convinced to bring us some bagels and coffee, in exchange for a peak of our ‘penthouse’ digs.  There was a pretty neat view from up there, after all!

(photo courtesy Matthew Muehlberger)

By this time, it was getting closer to GRT (get-ready-time!) and Amanda showed up, without a hitch!  Minutes later, her assistant also appeared; now we were just waiting for my hair and make-up girl, and so Amanda took advantage of the time by getting some really nice detail shots:

While she was snapping away, I started to do a 1/2 freak out, as my beauty girl had still not arrived.  She did call, a little after my initial wave of concern, and I handed the phone to Matthew, who would then become the Human Mapquest.  He steered her through, and finally, about an hour late, she arrived so we had to get crackin’.  I didn’t let the ire show, though =)

The time was a tickin’, and Matthew had to go on his merry way to continue his duties, but I was getting dolled up, so that’s all that was on my mind!  Liz snapped a few pics herself before she retreated into her room to start her prettying-up process as well…and about 1 1/2 later, the transformation was complete!  It was time to get in that dress!

Step 1: step into dress, making slight attempt at modesty – notice lovely strapless bra and blue slip on display!

Step 2: Hold dress up, while bridesmaid wrangles dress.

Step 3: Suck it in, just a little, so bridesmaid can lace you in, creating a lovely silhouette, (lol).

Step 4: Stay standing straight, so laces can get that extra special attention, before the bow is tied =)

Step 5: Admire the full effect in the mirror!

By this time, I was starting to sweat it a little, as it occured to me that we were going to miss our first look, a decision I had been hemming and hawing over through the planning process (evidenced here and here) but I just thought of it as a way of the heavens telling me it was not meant to be.  So, we piled into our vehicles and made the 15-ish mile journey over to Lake Nona, where the fun (and the guests, bridal party, and of course, my groom!!!! were waiting).  Oh boy.

Did anything trigger a rapid course of events on your wedding day?

(All beautiful images from the artistic genius of Amanda McMahon)


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THE RECAPS are officially beginning!  Wahoo =)


I am planning on breaking up the day into sections, which will include insight & comments, as well as visual and audio aids, as necessary.  Loosely, the schedule will be presented as follows, and hopefully, once they’re completed in full, they will be linked here:

I.  The morning begins.

II. Gettin’ purdy.

III. Crisis (averted).

IV. Light speed.

V. We do.

VI. Effervescent.

VII. Dance, dance.

VIII. In the Books.

IX. Whew.

X. Details, Schmetails.

XI. With a little help from my friends.

When these recaps are complete, I may also attempt a Honeymoon version of recaps, although those photographs will not be nearly as shiny and pretty, lol.  Let me know if there is any particular subject you’d like to hear see blogged about regarding our wedding recaps and YOU NEVER KNOW, I may feature it in the upcoming days, weeks or years…however long it takes me to complete this journaling expedition! 😉

* = pro pics.

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A Tale of two veils.

THIS is IT, I promise!!

(For an explanation, click here.)

For real real!!  I have two veils in my possession now, and it feels so good!  Through discussion with my super fly photographer, Amanda, we collectively came to the conclusion that I can be a two-veil bride; the birdcage for portraits/first look, the traditional for ceremony and subsequent family photos, then the birdcage will make a reprise at the reception – and so ends the great veil debate!

Here’s a little preview:

Photo 108Photo 134

…and yes, veil trying-on moment was proudly sponsored by a dress trying-on moment today.  This is what happens when I get off of work early! 😉

For anyone curious…I ordered the second veil on eBay!

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To Dye For.

This ‘weekend,’ I did what many a bride before me has attempted…the act of coloring my crinoline.



As mentioned, this is not any new concept that I came up with; in fact, it is gaining tons of popularity – so much, to the point that there are several etsy stores that will ‘do the dirty work’ for you, long as you purchase your own crinoline, choose the color, then send it over!  Such vendors include: 2BirdStone & WeddingCabaret, if you’re so inclined =)

This being said, it is a super simple DIY that I have been putting off for quite some time, due to the fact that I was scared I would A. Ruin the crinoline, B. Ruin the washer (I used this tutorial)  or C. Regret the idea as soon as the fabric hit the dye.

Thankfully, A and B did not occur, and C is the furthest from the truth!  Witness my crinoline dying journey…


1.  First I set out the supplies: rubber gloves, two bottles of Aquamarine Rit Dye (I ordered this off the Rit website because I couldn’t find this color anywhere!), the Crinoline (this I ordered from eBay – it’s David’s Bridal Style 603) and bleach for the after wash of the washer, if need be.


2. I then filled the washer with hot water.


3. The next step was hard to photograph (pouring in dye) so, I apologize, but you’re just going to have to visualize that!  But after that, I placed the crinoline in, which was a bit of a task due to its’ size, but this is what it looked like …


4. After the shock of seeing blue liquid in the washer, it was smooth sailing; just let the washer do its thing, and every 7-10 minutes, I opened the lid, donned the rubber gloves and untwisted the crinoline.


5. Before I knew it, the process was already done! I scooped up the garment, marched over to the bathroom, and hung it up to air-dry. And the color was PERFECT!

As you can see, this DIY was one of the simpler ones, when it comes to the process – but no matter, because I love how it turned out!  The color reminds me of something dreamy and ethereal in a way, which is really the perfect complement to a wedding dress – literally, cloud 9!

Of course, I have some tips if this is something you may want to attempt in the future:

  • Know your fabric! Early in the game, when I first came across the concept, I Googled my little heart out to find the cheapest crinoline available for the task – and I came up with some $20 and less options on eBay.  While those MAY work, many of those are polyester, which doesn’t take dye very well.  All DB crinoline slips are nylon.
  • Wash the slip first! Whether it’s used or unused, you don’t want your garment to forever have dirt/yuckness on it, so just wash it before you start; bonus, garments SHOULD be wet before being dyed, so I killed two birds with one stone on that one.
  • Just do it! Don’t over think it 🙂  Besides, if it is something you want to do, why not?  You only get married once!

Have you ever attempted and succeeded at something that appeared daunting?

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Hey, Mama!

I am happy to say that my mom follows my wedding blog now!  (Waves, “Hi, Mom!”)

For this momentous occasion, I thought it would be appropriate to blog about Mother of the Bride (MOB) attire, after all, I found the PERFECT little frock right here on the internet:



…hah, only kidding!  Gotta love those hats, though. =)

In all seriousness, I think the key to mother of the bride attire is to really match the mom – it shouldn’t be a total crazy outfit that your mom would never wear, yet, there’s nothing wrong with choosing something that’s a little different, either.  For example, my mom doesn’t adore sleeveless, long dresses…and after seeing something like this, I would have to agree:



No, no, my mom is awesome, and modern and should be able to wear something nice that may not scream “MOB” – something like this:


(pic I clipped off DB online store)

I like that outfit, because it’s cute and fancy.  The color is pretty nice too (this selection was ‘seafoam’) because it complements our wedding colors but is not too matchy-matchy, either.  The subtle sheen of the material also makes it look more luxurious.

How do you think your mom would dress for your wedding?  Or, what did your mom wear, and would she recommend it? 😉

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I like how I am already doing a handful of these items! Great ideas:

Recession Busters for Brides on a Budget article

Also, yesterday I drove up to Ocoee to meet with the seamstress, Cyndi, @ Artystic Seams and that went pretty well. She liked my crazy blue shoes and was impressed at the fit of my dress – it made me happier and love my dress even more! I miss my dress now, since I’ve been trying it on pretty much weekly since I got it, but I know she’ll do a great job with it so it’s all good. =D

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Short ‘n Sweet

Jenni arrived yesterday (well, veryyy early morning today, abouts) and today we went to MK and the Mall at Millenia before heading over to my 5 PM appt @ David’s Bridal.  Tried on lots of dresses, it was quite amusing, and realized that you never know what’ll look good on ya until you try it on.  For example, this one was my fave of the ones today, though $600 is too expensive IMO, plus $100 for the pretty veil I tried with it.  In any case, it was fun (but very tiring) to play dress-up and my dress size only depressed me SLIGHTLY.

In more productive news, Jenni tried on her MOH/BM dress and it is ADORABLE!  Great, soft material and, OMG, it has POCKETS.  Amazing.

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