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Big news!

We’ve been blogged!

This is so exciting!  Amanda, our fantastic photographer, e-mailed me last night and said that she submitted our wedding to the Wedding Chicks blog and it was approved; thusly, we are the featured DIY wedding!

Go check it out, here (if you haven’t already clicked above) and leave some comments to let Amanda feel the love!


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Look what we got in the mail today!

Yay!  I had almost kind of forgot about the invite we sent to them, many many moons ago!

Here’s where to write to, if you are planning a wedding and feel so inclined:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521

Don’t you just love surprises?

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This just in.

I interrupt my EPIC wedding recaps to bring you, this:

Saw this featured on another blog, and wanted to share this amazing “Save the Date” wedding video for all!

(Will resume previously scheduled recaps ASAP)

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The Morning Begins.

I apologize in advance, because this is probably the most boring post of the bunch.

Suggested listening material for this post:

Of course, we didn’t have photography start until noontime-ish, so the morning was decidedly photo-less.  But, allow me to bring you back in my time machine to the morning of November 21, which started for me at around 5 in the morning.

It was not that the (amazing!! king size!!) bed was uncomfortable, but I suppose I was just a little too excited to sleep.  So, I did what I do whenever I cannot get back to sleep – I take a walk.


Yup, it was still pretty dark out, so I just took the elevator down, then strolled around the pool area and breathed in the quiet stillness of the morning.  It was perfect out, probably 70 degrees, no humidity, and this reflective silence filled the air, interrupted every few seconds by the flip-flop of my footwear.  I walked around the building, by the pool, then back inside again – just enough to get my blood pumping a little, and make me a little tired.

Returning to the room, I decided a bath might do the trick in getting me a little sleepier.  So, I enlisted the help of my good friend, Mr. Bubbles!


So, into the whirlpool tub did I pour the ENTIRE bottle of bubble bath..haha!  I always wanted to do that, and whenever would I have a better excuse than “it’s my wedding day?”

I read a magazine and laid back for about 1/2 an hour, then shaved my legs and got into the shower, all clean and bubble-gum smelling then combed my hair and slathered on some of my scented body lotion before drifting back off into a two-hour nap…ahh, relaxation.

Before I knew it, my 8 AM alarm was going off, and Liz was popping her head through the slightly-ajar door, “time to wake up!”

All photos without source credit in the post, (C) me.

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THE RECAPS are officially beginning!  Wahoo =)


I am planning on breaking up the day into sections, which will include insight & comments, as well as visual and audio aids, as necessary.  Loosely, the schedule will be presented as follows, and hopefully, once they’re completed in full, they will be linked here:

I.  The morning begins.

II. Gettin’ purdy.

III. Crisis (averted).

IV. Light speed.

V. We do.

VI. Effervescent.

VII. Dance, dance.

VIII. In the Books.

IX. Whew.

X. Details, Schmetails.

XI. With a little help from my friends.

When these recaps are complete, I may also attempt a Honeymoon version of recaps, although those photographs will not be nearly as shiny and pretty, lol.  Let me know if there is any particular subject you’d like to hear see blogged about regarding our wedding recaps and YOU NEVER KNOW, I may feature it in the upcoming days, weeks or years…however long it takes me to complete this journaling expedition! 😉

* = pro pics.

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Worth a…lot of words!


If a picture’s worth a thousand words…there’s about to be tons of babbling going on from me, because our WEDDING PHOTOS are in!  All 500+ of them!


Lefthand login

Username:Krissy and Eric

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Remember this post?

So, this is how they turned out:

(pic via my iPhone)

What I did was really simple, and took only a few materials:

  • Three glass jars – one was a Ball jar (from cabinet), two from the Barilla marinara sauce from the night before’s lasagna — FREE.
  • Assorted ribbon, on sale @ Michael’s for 2 for 1 $4
  • Bag of river pebbles – $5
  • Three bunches of assorted flowers from grocery store – 3/$10

So…yup!  Less than $20 for three small centerpieces 🙂  All I did was wash out the jars, wrap ribbon around and secured with hot glue, split up the pebbles and distributed evenly, filled the jars 3/4 with water, then ‘cleaned’ the flowers (removing leaves and randomness) and cut the stems short to arrange in the jars.

(The flowers were green mums, yellow carnations and *can’t see in this picture* white gerber daisies)

To make it more fun, I also personalized a $1 frame with ribbon, random magnets I had laying around from the dollar section and the couples’ picture, and then arranged it on an Ikea small display easel (unused leftover from our wedding decorations)

(Ironically, their initials are the same as me and hubs’!)

I decided on that pic from her Facebook album of e-pics – I knew she would to have a piece showcasing their little ‘family’ 🙂

(This is how they looked together)

I was happy with the way they turned out, and they looked cute on our 12-top table at Mimi’s Cafe!  Bonus?  Bridal shower guests liked them and took the flowers home, which is always the best compliment!

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