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Winter cleaning.

I just deleted 218 inspiration photos from wedding planning..wow!  That was pretty liberating



From cakes, to colors, dresses, veils, candy buffets and centerpieces, all the ideas that inspired things in our wedding…have been released back into the universe.  I held on to them for a while, thinking I might use them for something, but really, it’s nice to see just ‘real’ pictures replacing them in my iPhoto now.  I look forward to putting even more pics in my folders when they arrive (I see new ones almost everyday between flickr & facebook) and when the professional pictures come in, it’ll be even more inundated.

Whew!  Now, time to look for relevant pictures for some kind of new update here.

I *have* started a second blog related to newlywed life.  There is a bit of a crossover between the two at this point, but if you’re interested, it’s here.

Is there a topic you’d like me to blog about regarding the wedding? Comment and let me know!


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Guestbook…part ??

I honestly lost track of where my guestbook saga went, but I CAN tell you show you how it turned out:

(personal photo)

To make a long story short, what we did was simple: I purchased a large roll of paper from IKEA, then used a Martha Stewart eyelet border punch and cut yards and yards of the paper to create paper table runners:

We unrolled the paper table runners, then placed a ‘pack’ of fabric-wrapped markers down, including a cute set of directions:

(previously posted pic!)

…and the rest was history, our guests were extremely creative and left great notes, sketches and fun little anecdotes.  From there, it was my task to collect the ‘best of,’ then cut each out individually, and organize them into a framed format…of course, I returned to IKEA for presentation assistance.

I bought the largest RIBBA frame possible, which is 28 ¼ “x 40 ¼ ” and a bargain at only $28!  The greatest thing about this frame series?  It’s made of durable plastic instead of glass, which makes it klutzy-krissy-proof while also being more lightweight!  I had tons of fun assembling the messages in puzzle format, then using a simple glue stick to put it all together.

(personal photo)

I am so glad that it turned out so nice! and I love that we have a big keepsake of our big day through our guests’ eyes that’s cute and fun. Now, just to find somewhere to hang it!

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It’s been discussed time and time again…the inevitable haircut following the wedding…c’mon board the link-train!


Now, my hair isn’t super long, but for me, it’s longer than it has been in quite some time…

Us at the rehearsal dinner

So, I am thinking just a few inches shorter with the inverted bob style that I have been getting for the past year or so, ala something like these:

I also am going to *finally* invest in a better-quality hair straightener…as you can see in the above photo (of myself, not hayden or kimberly, lol) my hair was straightened that evening with Liz’s CHI straightener and I was amazed by how fast it heated and how smooth my hair became.  So, this “weekend” may be the time that my hair goes a better direction altogether!

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We’re still seeing more pictures everyday from our wedding from family and friends and that makes us so happy..

I don’t think I posted this one, yet!

Yayy!  Anywho, the next thing we’re super excited, of course, is the honeymoon!  We have only eleven more days until we leave Port Canaveral on the Disney Magic for seven lovely nights, cruising around the Western Caribbean…here’s the post about our itinerary.

Onboard, we’ve booked a Palo Dinner for the Cozumel evening, as well as a tour exploring the ruins and historic sights, but the other ports we haven’t booked, yet.  Thanks to generous wedding gifts and some onboard credit, I think we will do a few more things, but we’ll decide onboard!  We also would love to do a spa treatment or two…never had a massage, but we would love to try it!

Overall, I love married life.  It’s so nice to say “husband” – no more pretentious-sounding “fiance” lol…it’s just nice!

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