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LOVE this.


Isn’t it ADORABLE!?  I found this yesterday @ HomeGoods – only $17! =D

(perfume quest continues)


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On Monday, Eric surprised me with a text:

“Marriage License Friday afternoon? xoxo”

Awwww…it made me all warm and fuzzy inside that he was thinking of these things.  Obviously, he’s been helping with the planning, but seeing that message made me extremely happy!  So, I made sure we had the paperwork (downloaded off the Osceola County Clerk of Circuit Court website) and necessary identification…and after Eric got off of his Friday 1/2 day of work, it was off to the Courthouse!  I drove us, and the location is so convenient, about 5-7 minutes from the condo, and apx. 25 to Eric’s.  The most difficult thing about it all was finding parking!  But when we did, it was all smooth sailing!


Look how excited he is after we parked!

Anywho, after finding the spot, driving in almost a circle around the courthouse square, it was go time!  Thanks to record-breaking high temps, this walk was a little warmer than I would have liked, but it made for some sun-shiny pics:


It made me happy that the buildings look a lot like WSU!!

Anyway, the place was a lot bigger than we thought it would be, but it made it kind of more like an adventure…I had to check the Directory, and found that the Marriage/Passport office was located in bldg.2, the largest building in the complex!


More college-campus looking surroundings!

Walking up the steps, I peeked in and saw that there were metal detectors and lots of signs with rules, so I put the camera down for a bit…inside the courthouse, we went up the elevator to the second floor and quickly found the office of Passports and Marriage licenses!  There was a very short line, which was nice…then we were called up!

The actual applying process was super simple.  We presented our application, then the clerk had us sign the appropriate sections.  She also asked for our IDs and as she typed away into the computer and checked off the sections on our application.  What she said next kind of blew my mind, in a humorous way.

“So, Eric, your ethnicity says ‘Caucasian’ so I am going to enter ‘White.’  Kristina, your ethincity you listed as Asian.  We only have White, Black, Hispanic or Other.  Which one do you identify with?”

“Umm, I guess Other?”

Haha…yeah, so I had to joke to Eric that he is marrying an ‘Other.’

Anyway, the rest was pretty non-eventful…we paid ($97.50!  Florida has one of the highest…I think only Minnesota is higher @ $100…the lowest is $10 in CO, apparently!) as it was starting to set in… then we had to raise our right hands to take an oath and then the clerk had us sign and initial appropriate sections of the license.  The clerk explained the validity, and that we had to send it in 10 days from the wedding day, and that it was valid for 60 days (how cool, ours expires on 12/25, lol).  We also found out that in FL (at least in Osceola county) you don’t need to have witnesses to sign; only your officiant.  However, we think we’ll have some sign…decisions!


Eric cheesin’ it up (thanks, honey, for modeling!) after we left the office.

After that, we went down the stairs back outside and took a little walk outside…okay, I giddily skipped around the square…and we snapped one more pic, I decided to run up the steps of the historic courtyard!


It’s like Where’s Waldo?  Haha…

So, it was a great day in the world of wedding planning..and we even got a little sight-seeing in!

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Yesterday I stayed in all day and worked on a few projects: wedding programs, program holders, seating chart & a few other odds and ends.

Here’s a little sneaky peak:


Our “little golden book” inspired wedding programs.


The program, nested inside program holder, with our “photo sharing” card (instructions on how to share your digital pictures @ our flickr account) and our “bubble poem” (which reads “blow bubbles of good wishes when e+k are pronounced mr. and mrs.!”)


I also worked on marker ‘cozies’ for the table runner guest book…that project literally came out of nowhere!  And of course, I had to make a little card to explain…it reads “Grab a marker and leave us some love! (yes our table runners lead a double life!”)


...and remember those ceremony ‘kusudama’ flowers from the many, many months ago? Here they are, in Eric’s spare room, waiting to make their debut!  I ended up making 12 of them! =D

I’ve said it once, and many times before, and will say it many more times, I am sure…I sure am glad our engagement is only 8ish months!  Who knows how much else I’d try to do (craft-wise) if this was longer!

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Yeah, so I am back and forth on my floral decision again.  I found such a great deal at Costco.com on the flowers, but really, do I want to spend time the day before, or even the morning of, working on flowers that I might get frustrated over?  Hmm, probably not.  I might just order a nice bouquet and wrap it the way I want, instead.

Here are some contenders:


(all images above from FTD.com)

It’s kind of funny, really, how much I keep wavering on this decision.  Silly flowers.

What would you do at this point?

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A Signature Scent.

…Happy One Month ’til Our Wedding Day!

Today’s topic emerged as I was waiting in line @ Marshall’s…as I saw the perfume display and one of my favorite scents, Vera Wang Princess.


Now, I really love that scent and how could you NOT be in love with the look of that bottle?  But, since I was on a specific shopping mission today, I took a deep breath and put the box back down so I could think about it…after all, I have two days off now and I will be thinking about what I want as my signature scent.

((Signature scent?! Yup, can you tell that we need to get married soon?  I just keep finding new things I *have* to have for our wedding.  Mmhm, this also includes having a cute outfit for ‘getting ready’ – and that’s yet to be determined as well))


My favorite all-time scents are really kind of similar: Clinique Happy, whatever is in season for Escada and Michael Kors island.


Mmmm…lovely.  And yes, I noticed in their descriptions online at Sephora that they all are floral…so I clicked the link that indicated their ‘genre’ to see if I could discover some new scents.  Here are a few contenders, based on scent description, ‘look’ (‘cos hey, it might get its own 5 seconds of fame in photographic history) and altogether rating:

#1: Benefit Cosmetics Maybe Baby


Apricot, White Ginger, Fresh Water Blossoms, Himalayan Poppy, Warm Peach.

Comments: This one sounds lovely, but I am not 100 percent sold on the name of the scent.  I know, silly.  But this is for a wedding, which is a definite YES, not a maybe…though, adding ‘baby’ does make it fun.

#2 Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours


Freesia, Ginger, Sun Goddess Rose, Lotus Flower, Day Lily, White Violet, Musk, Patchouli, Oakmoss.

Comments: So, is the name perfect or what this time?  Haha!  But really, sounds nice and the bottle is so classically chic…it kind of ‘goes’ with the feeling of our wedding, I think!

#3 Marc Jacobs Daisy


Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

Comments: I have smelled this one in person and it really is lovely.  And the bottle..too cute!

Hrmph, too many choices!  I am definitely going to smell some of these lovelies this weekend…in the meantime…any suggestions?  Is there a scent you’d recommend?  Or NOT recommend?! =)

(All perfume images from Sephora.com)

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Yes, the Candy Man can!

…yup, so that song is stuck in my head!  but, for good reason, i tell ya!  Why, you may want to ask?  Well, it’s a celebration, for who just checked off that remaining item on the incredibly  “to do” list?  Haha!  And, it was incredibly complicated 😉

First, you take a bag from your handy-dandy packet of brown paper lunch bags.  Bonus points if the bags are “packed with love” as mine were.  No, seriously, look at the printing on the bag…it’s bolded and italicized!


Then, gather up some other supplies.  I used ribbon, double-sided tape, scissors and the 2″ labels I’ve used for several projects.


Next step is very precise: cut the ribbon in…wait for it…about the length of the lunch bag!  I know!  My meticulousness!!


Repeat this process for 45 light years.


Once that’s complete, line the “back” (you figure that one out!) of a piece of ribbon with one strip of DS tape.  This step is actually so easy I didn’t take a picture of it.  But this one I did: line that newly-tape-adhered ribbon up with the seam of the bag:


Then, fold the top over about 1.5 inches.


Now, flip the bag back over and slap on a sticker.


It’s pretty much done at this point.  If desired, this is the step in the process you may want to fluff out the bag to check your handiwork:


…and soon enough, you’ll have enough to fill a basket!  So grab one, pretty it up and throw them all in!!  Whoo, it’s a party in there!


Sure hope you enjoyed the adventure!  Was it worth the excruciating wait??

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Mission: Candy bag!

On today’s agenda:

  • Sleep in CHECK!
  • Eat cereal for breakfast CHECK!
  • Shower CHECK!
  • Work on candy bags

Wow, I feel so productive already, seeing as I have only one pending item…haha.  But really, that’s my big thing for today and I am totally okay with that!  So yes…candy bags, candy bags…you may be wondering what the heck I am speaking (er, well, writing!) of.  Well, simple, actually; it’s all about the bags that will hold the candy from our candy buffet – so one may refer to these as favors bags.  But  I digress…the original thought of mine was that these could POSSIBLY be bags OR boxes.  And when I thought boxes, I was thinking small chinese-take-out type boxes…kinda like this:



…but after pricing it out, it really seemed to be an unnecessary expense…besides, with so many out-of-town guests, what were the chances people would be anxious to count that little box (which would likely be smooshed en transit) as part of their checked baggage?  And let’s be honest, how many would just go in the trash?  So, I changed the game plan to candy bags from inspiration like this:

3727489301_036f4904f8 midori_favor_bag_kit_cherry_blossom_red


Of course, the major difference between my paper bags and the ones that I kept becoming inspired by online was that the favors I saw as examples were already sealed since the favor was already INCLUDED in the bag…plus, I needed something that blended in with the theming and decorations that I had already established, instead of finding something totally awesome that just didn’t “go.”

So, I did what I have been doing with most of my ideas: I improvised!  Although I had been searching for cute paper bags for ages at the craft stores and various places online, I had simply overlooked the easiest and thriftiest route: regular brown paper lunch bags.  I ddin’t come to this conclusion on my own, however…it was WB’s Mrs. Espresso post that set that idea in motion:


(source listed above in post)

So, I went to the store and spent big money ($1.29 for 100 bags) and was ready…tune in soon for the outcome!!

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