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Yup, I have been blog slackin’!  I never thought I would reach this point, but I have!  I feel like everything is in order so I stop for a few days and try not to think too hard about wedding stuff, otherwise I will want to change something that has been long decided – i.e. on Sunday, Eric and I went to the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show and I saw a very gorgeous Maggie Sottero wedding gown discounted from more than $1000 to just $399 and I found myself going back several times to look at it!  That is completely bonkers because I LOVE my dress and it cost much less than that with alterations and accessories but stilll…ahhh.

Also, I have been working on the “guest book.”  Remember that, from the beginning of planning?  That idea has evolved from a polaroid book, to a pogo (instant digital polaroid) picture book to its current state of…HAH!  I am keeping that under wraps for now!  Heehee.

…wait, what was I talking about?



…oh!  Yes, I was thinking about music.  Let me get to that now – see, from the beginning, I fell head-over-heels with the idea of using “Lucky” by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat for our first dance:

I really love both of these artists and the lyrics are very appropriate:

“I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again”

…and I thought, hey that’s that, and it’s all good…UNTIL this past weekend when I was talking about music and Eric asked me who Jason Mraz was when Jenni had a status update about attending his concert.  And no, it’s not like I never showed Eric this song to listen to, but I’ve been working on so many aspects of the wedding that he said he didn’t have a major opinion when it came to the music.  Now, it’s still my #1 contender because of the reasons I have already listed…but bride brain is making me think, should I pick an alternative song?

Conundrum! (or not?)


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Venue Stalking!


I’m kind of at the point where my mind is completely scrambled!

Now, I cannot remember, for the life of me, if I have posted images of the reception area.  If I have, disregard.  If I have not, please direct your attention to that lovely image there…I happened to have the camera one day when we were strolling down by the town center, and the room was set up for an event.

I like how it is a neutral tone – the green is subdued and I think will mesh well with our color scheme.  As previously mentioned (see, this I do remember) we are not doing chair covers, but our table cloths will be chocolate brown…so just imagine if you will…

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…and the rings?


Back in the height of my DIY madness, I came up with the idea of making our own ring pillow.  I used felt, hot glue, tulle, some buttons, needle and thread.  I didn’t document the process, because well, it was a work in progress that just evolved to what you see pictured there.  My original plan called for the rings to be secured by ribbon, but logistically, it just didn’t work that way, so tied tulle it was!

Now, since the road to the ring pillow was haphazard, so was the plan.  Sure, I made this little pillow, but what would I do with it?  Would a bridesmaid carry it?  Would a parent carry it?  Would it just appear at the alter the moment the officiant requested their presence?

…or…would we have a ring bearer?

I have to admit, I was quite enamored with the idea of a little one dressed like Eric and his guys, and in fact, one certain nephew of Eric’s would be perfect for the job…only, since he’s still so young, I believed that no one else was in support of that idea, so I somewhat scrapped it…despite Google searching images that would mesh with Eric’s attire…

052_Tuxgear_BLUE_3-10-09 shapeimage_1-1(source) & (source)

…but then recently the topic once again re-emerged, and that’s a good thing!  So, I have a bid on eBay for a little toddler chocolate brown tux which I hope to win.  If so, Gauge (Ali’s son) will be strutting down the aisle with his mama with the rings!

Stay tuned for more on this exciting development! =D

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First gift!!

Eric: “Did you order something from Kohls?”

Krissy: “No, I have not…”

Eric: “Hmm, maybe I woke up in the middle of the night and ordered something online…”

Krissy: “Oh my gosh!  I think it’s our first wedding gift!”


(1)What’s in the box? Let’s cut it open! (2) Hmmm…bubble mailer stuff… (3) Aiyee!  It is!  It is our first wedding gift!!

Pretty white wedding wrapping, no?  The gift came with a little “www.kohls.com gift portfolio” and the message inside showed that our first wedding gift is a WAFFLE MAKER!  OMG!  I was soo excited to see that, so thank you, Eric’s dad and stepmom!

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Hey, Mister DJ…

Another teeter-tottering subject: to DJ or to iPod?

For us, it was a big issue of cost – not that we didn’t want to have good music or worthy entertainment, but the fact that our event was smaller, and dancing wasn’t the biggest priority for us.  But as I looked more into the day-of events, I began to think…what was our BIG thing?  Some couples place a huge emphasis on food, or on photography…I suppose our big thing is photography…but, other than looking pretty for the pictures, wouldn’t we want to see people having a good time at our wedding?  Not just sitting, or talking amongst each other (nothing against those activities, of course, but I digress) but just enjoying the company of on another in a fun way!

So, I once again opened the Pandora’s Box which is the world of Orlando Wedding DJ’s…seriously, it’s insane.  There are a metric ton of DJ’s in Orlando, and most charge an arm, leg and first born child (just kidding…??) and honestly, it all just seems the same.  However, I did go on a whim this time to check the everyman’s online source to everything: craigslist. Quincenera/

After weeding through the many “Sweet 15/Quincinera/Latin Music Explosion!” ads (nothing against them, just not my style) I came upon a DJ ad that seemed pretty reasonable…the price was right, so I clicked over to his website and watched a really funny video there…then decided to e-mail him.

To make a long story longer, we exchanged several messages yesterday, and after discussing the possibility with Eric, I agreed to meet with the DJ (who’s based out of Longwood/Altamonte area) at the Altamonte Mall after my hair and makeup appt. today, since I would already be out there.  It was a productive meeting, and so, pending him sending over a few reference contacts for us to check, we’ll most likely be sending the $100 needed to book our date with him – he did laugh when he realized that our wedding is in 2 months (!!) as he said most brides book 6-months out for the DJ, but I did explain that we a.) were not sure about going with a DJ for a good long while and b.) were not sure which vendors to book in this state of the economy.  He totally understood that!

So now, I am going to work on the packet of information he sent with me (basic info sheet, must-plays, do-not-plays, introductions and traditional stuff – like bouquet toss, first dance, etc.) so I ask you, fellow readers, for any kind of requests/suggestions you may have for our entertainment…to you, what makes/breaks a wedding reception, as far as music and dancing?  What are your must-have songs?

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Okay, it’s been a bit of a hiatus (for me at least) but I am back with some wedding news =D

Today I had my hair & makeup trial with Debra’s Do’s (and Makeup too) and I have to say, I am super happy with how it turned out!!


Just a preview/hint look of the look for the big day 😀  I had two stylists, one for hair and one for make-up…we did hair first, and I was soo pleased with how the stylist interpreted the images I brought in so well…here are a few of the pics I had for inspiration:

22 nessakhair

(from “curly hair/side-swept bangs” Google search)

Yes, it made me so happy to see curls in my otherwise non-curl holding-hair!  Of course, there are 3.7 tons of hairspray in, but it doesn’t look like it, surprisingly!  I love how it turned out and am really excited about seeing everything together.  At the trial, we also tried on both veils, and they both went great with the hair.

The make-up was mostly MAC products, and the lady that did that for me was super nice and friendly, and also did false eyelashes for me, which are a real ‘enhanced’ look without looking overdone.

As far as now, I am leaving the hair and make-up through the evening to see how it holds up.  I think the only thing I may need touch-up day-of would be the lipstick; and though I rarely wear it, I am in love with the color she put on me…it’s a pinky-peachy-gold and really brings the look together. =)

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A Tale of two veils.

THIS is IT, I promise!!

(For an explanation, click here.)

For real real!!  I have two veils in my possession now, and it feels so good!  Through discussion with my super fly photographer, Amanda, we collectively came to the conclusion that I can be a two-veil bride; the birdcage for portraits/first look, the traditional for ceremony and subsequent family photos, then the birdcage will make a reprise at the reception – and so ends the great veil debate!

Here’s a little preview:

Photo 108Photo 134

…and yes, veil trying-on moment was proudly sponsored by a dress trying-on moment today.  This is what happens when I get off of work early! 😉

For anyone curious…I ordered the second veil on eBay!

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