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After the Bridal Showcase, it was time to do something very important: drop off the invitations!

However, as we parked and got out of the car at the USPS, I felt a sudden wash of sadness about sending those little babies away.  I clutched the Sketchers box that held the 48 invitations that had consumed my life for the past month and a half and could not bring myself to deposit them in the cold blue depository.  It just didn’t seem right!

With that, I entered the post office and stood in the suprisingly short line to double check that I had enough postage on them.  When I was called, I approached the postal worker slowly and he asked how he could help; this is how the conversation went:

Me: “Hi, I just wanted to make sure I had enough postage on these invitations.”

Postal Worker: “Oh, okay, let me take a look…” He then holds one invite up and points at the expanded format of the zip code, “Hey, were you trying to be fancy?  This is really hard to read, and why did you put sixty-four cents of postage on these?”

Me (sheepishly): “I thought they’d look nice – I’m sorry…and I got the postage checked last week, I just wanted to see-”

Postal Worker: “Ah, alright…hold on,” he walked into the back, bringing out a female postal worker who also looked at them, “yeah, that’ll be just fine.  You can just hand ’em over then.”

Me: “Thanks…” as I hand them over, “there are 48 of them, okay?”

Postal Worker: “Hey, I am just sending them, not delivering them, you can have however many you want.”

Me: “Oh..k…well, thank you.”

Sighhhh…I am such a wimp sometimes, and though thoughts of previous brides in the blogosphere whirled around my mind (re: the ubiquitous hand-cancel debate) I sucked it up and sent them on their way.

Have you ever been temporarily consumed by emotion to the point of shock?

Stay tuned for pt.3…more weddingness ❤


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Today began as an ordinary day, but as the hours passed, it became more and more…wedding-filled.

You see, I woke at 6 AM, for an 8:15 shift and proceeded as normal; that is, until 12:15 when I left work early for the Orlando Wedding Group bridal showcase at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport!  Of course, we all know about my newfound wedding show addiction and today was a great day to feed that addiction because not only was it being held at a location I have wanted to check out in general, but it was FREE!  Oh, that glorious word!

While I cannot claim to be a wedding show expert (not yet! anyway) by any means, but I did quite enjoy this one, because of its stark contrast to the past show I had been to.  This one, though on a much smaller scale (thus having fewer vendors and fewer crowds) was nice because of its intimate nature and I was able to speak with a representative from each booth – in fact, I *may have* found my solution to my hair and make-up conundrum…more on this later…

In addition, I was the winner of a $25 gift certificate to JBUG and thusly purchased some really cute blue pearl and swarvoski crystal drop earrings!  So, all in all, it was a great experience, with great refreshments (they did infused teas – peach, raspberry, and mojito flavored) and great conversation, plus-plus-plus we were able to speak with a Hyatt representative who took us on a mini-tour of the resort and even showed us a sample room.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without showing some of our signature silliness:


(thanks foreverxpressions.com)!

Have you ever had a day completely morph into something totally fun you NEVER expected?

…and stay tuned for the rest of the “so very wedding-filled” day!

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I have to admit, I am really weird when it comes to numbers; be it something as mundane as the volume indicator on my car stereo (always has to be set on an ODD number, don’t ask me why) or something ‘bigger’ like picking our wedding date (as you recall, it was originally for 11/22, which I liked for the repeat-a-bility, and since two of my bridesmaids have ’22’ birthdays) the numbers just have to make ‘sense’ to me.


This is all very amusing, you see, because I really don’t particularly LIKE numbers.  All through school, math was my least-favorite subject (in elementary school, I just could not, for the life of me…learn how to subtract! Seriously!) and it wasn’t until freshman year in college that I got my first “A” in higher-level math.  But, I digress!

11/21 eventually became our wedding date, and I am okay with that; again, because of the odd numbers; it also makes me happy that I am 25 this year, the age I always thought sounded like a good “marrying age.”  And, it’s 2009, another good odd number!

So, why, you ask, would I title this post ’84’?  Actually, it’s quite simple – for as reminded by theknot.com and project wedding’s emails, as well as my facebook tracker, it’s 84 days until our wedding!  Yes, a nice even number that I do like, thankyouverymuch, and that’s also because it was the year I was born.  And, to make it more random, ’84 was also the year that the Morocco pavilion opened at Epcot (part of my Segway tour spiel – subsequently, ’88 was the year the Norway pavilion opened, and also happens to be my sister’s bday – /end random Disney nerd-dom.) Yippee!

Have numbers ever affected your feelings regarding an event or ocassion?

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Invitation Sneak Peak!

Today was momentous!  I scooted off to the dentist to get impressions done for my teeth whitening treys, then…to the POST OFFICE, to weigh our invitations (!!)

Due to their square shape, an extra 20-ish something cents were tacked on, but since they were quite light (only one envelope, etc.) they came to a total of 64-cents a piece to send.  The friendly postal worker suggested stamp combinations for me, and we came up with this:

Photo 58

(yup, that’s for Mickey and Minnie…don’t judge! ;))

Anywho, it’s the 61-cent wedding cake stamp, the 2-cent Navajo necklace stamp and the 1-cent Tiffany lamp stamp.  I think they look quite cute together, so I was happy…and upon arriving home, I affixed all the stamps, and now I have 50 lovely invites ready to go right on back to the post office and to their final destinations:

Photo 118

…and just as soon as I’ve heard that my guests have started to receive these lovelies, I’ll share more!  Until then…tell me, do you get as excited as I do to send “snail mail” in this day and age of instantaneous communication?

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(Yes, I am a total nerd and wrote this whole thing in third person….)

It was a warm August morning, and the eager bride-to-be was up, checking her work schedule and time off requests when she came upon a glorious sight:
time off

It would seem that in many a case, her requests had been politely declined on account of labor and staffing, but this day, on this glorious morning, she was approved!  This surely was cause for great celebration – in fact, she even deemed the occasion as one to be commemorated via social-network status update:


…and for those with ultra-keen eyes, one would understand why!  For this wedding-planning-addicted maiden, it meant one thing: the chance to experience another BRIDAL SHOW!  And in particular, this one: the Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show. Yes, the fall version of the show this addict experienced in June….and WON the Macaroni Grill prize package, which included a $50 credit for dining, a huge wicker basket (which shall be used to hold programs!), 2 toasting flutes (which have been decorated DIY style as bride and groom) as well as whole-wheat pasta and extra virgin olive-oil.

While that prize winning was AMAZING in itself, it just…may…have…created… a monster!  Since then, she went on to look for more shows, request time off, and on and on…an addiction, as she has most all elements in her planning already worked out (though, in her defense, she does still need some advice and direction on makeup and hair!) 😉

Have you ever become engrossed in something you would have never expected to?

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Jolting myself from slumber this morningI experienced a phenomena I never thought would affect me: the dreaded “weddingmare.”

It happens to the best of us, as evidenced from recent activity (here and here) on the WB boards, but wow, it only takes one dream/nightmare to knock you off your feet, if not for just a moment!  Many brides-to-be lose winks over dress, cake or guest concerns, but…not I!  I get spooked over (wait for it!) the decor of my ‘getting ready’ room.


Yes, I am ridiculous, but I had a weddingmare about checking into my wedding-eve accommodations; chock-full of visions of a completely dirty, messy and tacky room – a place I am neither comfortable in, or happy to have as a background for possible photographs.  Seriously, this weddingmare pulled out all the stops!  Dirty, unkempt beds, loud neighbors, paper-thin walls and horrific clashing colors.  Basically, an environment eons away from the location I’ve (99.9 percent) decided on spending the evening at:


Yup, the Hyatt Regency Airport is currently the front runner; unique, fun, pretty and convenient.

(deep sigh)

What weddingmares would rattle you?  Join in on the discussion!

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Marrying Disney.

As previously mentioned, we will be spending our wedding night at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort.  Now, this is something I am pretty darn excited about, if for nothing else but the general “swoon” feeling from how beautiful it is…


Of course, I am keeping an open mind about my expectations, as I am not a believer in ‘hype’ – I mean, it is the flagship property of the Walt Disney World resort and all, but  who wouldn’t want to stay at a location reminiscent to the romantically gorgeous Hotel del Coronado (minus the haunted part)?!


Realistically though,my ultimate judgement of the stay will probably be concerning the comfort of the beds, because I KNOW I will be exhausted!  But, I figured that as long as I can get a relaxing night sleep, I may as well take advantage of the gorgeous surroundings and amenities and take in some fine dining in true Disney fashion…


Yup, 1900 Park Fare, my favorite character breakfast.  I successfully secured my dining reservations there yesterday, and at the moment, it’s reserved for 6; not sure who may want to attend, but  I thought it might be fun for a small gathering to meet us for breakfast, and then head over to the Magic Kingdom for a little bit because:

1. It’s just a monorail ride away!

2. Space Mountain is scheduled to re-open after its 7+ month rehab; heck yes to riding one of my favorite rides with my HUSBAND =)

3. Yes, I want to be an obnoxious couple wearing those “just married” buttons!

How do you infuse your celebrations with a healthy dose of whimsy?

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