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Let’s Rehearse!

A new topic in my mind (well not new, but reoccurring might be a better term) is the Rehearsal /R. Dinner; so, for any others boggled at how to even start with this task, I’ve broken it down into the steps neccessary to take this idea from my mind to reality; and since it’s a ‘rehearsal,’ let’s theme it out:

  1. Scope out filming location
  2. Arrange wrap party
  3. Cast actors
  4. Conduct auditions (and simultaneous call backs!)
  5. Decide on Costuming! (probably the most fun!)


(Red Cherry tube from Charlotte Russe, Black Cocktail Dress from Forever 21)

Now, some ‘budding actresses’ choose to create a theme (on top of the theme!) but it is not necessary.

Any major directorial decisions are pending, based heavily on studio funding (as we identify with independent studios, if you catch my drift) but there you have it, in 5 Simple Steps.

Any additional tips to ensure a 5-star production?


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Special Delivery!


Yay! The new bridesmaid dresses came in on Friday, and they sure are cute!  I really like how they look and know my bridesmaids will look fantastic in these!!

Question of the day; judging from the picture,what type/color/style shoes would you pair this dress with?  Does seeing the ‘real’ picture contrast much from the stock/model photo??

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Because you never know when you’ll need button flowers in your life =)  

1. Select four buttons, arrange in ‘square’

2. With a hot glue gun, create a ‘ring’ of glue

3. Pop a button of contrasting color over the top

(as a tip; cover your surface with wax paper if available; then glue will peel right off, easy clean up!)

Of course, as evident from previous posts, I used these for the number holders, but I got so excited about them that I couldn’t stop making them!  So, I made a few (understatement!) more and realized I could use them as coordinating escort ‘cards’- using the magnetic sheets from our Save the Dates and my trusty circle puncher:


1. Flip button flower over, repeat ‘glue ring’ process

2. Pop button flower onto desired surface

Now, not only do I have coordinating table accessories, but I did it for very few bucks.  

Let me know if you decide to use them for an application in your everyday life!  ❤

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What do you get when you take:


($1 gold floral wire, a glue bottle and an inspirational photo)



(a field of button flowers)


Well, you get these!


(curly-Q wire embellished with button flowers!)

Which can hold your table numbers like so:


I think they turned out really neat, and it proved to me once again that if you cannot find what you are looking for in a store, or at the price you want, the best option may just be to MAKE it!  

Of course, I didn’t realize this until wedding planning, but has this thought ever crossed your mind?

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Remember WAY BACK WHEN I was thinking about incorporating movies into our theme somehow?

Well, things and plans change, but great inspiration always makes its way back around – and though I tweaked the theme a little – a move from just romantic comedies, to a variety of couples in movies, I like how they turned out:
(all “numbers” lined up)
(close up of one; from the Notebook)

I still need to add the NUMBERS, which I plan on using chipboard numbers in funky fonts (once I find them! I was at Michaels for almost an hour the other day and couldn’t find any decent number sets) and adhering to the bottom right.

And how, you might ask, will these be displayed on tables? I never thought you’d ask! Tune in to the next entry for more goodness! =D

How have your plans ever changed for the better?

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Nostalgic Slideshow

I have been toying with the idea of having a slideshow going during the cocktail hour, as we’re taking our formal photos and such. During the show, we’ll play the entire album from Disney’s Fairytale Weddings (all instrumentals of classic Disney songs; my Disney fix without being over-the-top!)

The only challenge is that I don’t have TONS of pics and would prefer not to have photos repeat TOO many times (I know an hour is a lot of pics, so I know they’ll probably repeat at least once, but the more the merrier!)

So, if you have pictures with/of me or Eric (or both), please send them my way. =) I appreciate the help!

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This time, it’s not a ‘visual’ or decoration; it’s back to music and such:

I am going through my iTunes at the moment and trying to hash out some new playlists; pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

As I work on that, I’d like some suggestions on must haves, as far as songs are concerned! Please leave your suggestions here & let me know if your choice(s) have particular significance and/or where you think that song might fit on our wedding day =)

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