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Centerpieces again!!!

Okay, so I was really thinking the manzanita branches idea for centerpieces…ala:
…but of course, in our colors; maybe a different type vase, but basically, a branch with fun cute stuff hanging off if it.

or, something very different, which would match the Save the Dates…’hot air balloon’ type centerpiece…this idea, but more wedding-fancy:
Hot air balloon
…in our colors, of course, again, but how cute! though i wouldn’t want it to take on a baby-shower look, which I think could happen if it gets too pastely and etc.

Thoughts? Input? Or something completely different?


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…as Eric so lovingly dubs my wedding craftage…hah.

This ‘weekend,’ I purchased the materials for Whimsical Wedding Pinwheels, an adaptation of these adorable cake toppers for decoration (as I already have DIYed our cake topper!) and (yet!) more elements for my TBD centerpieces (which, as an idea, seem to evolve into something new everyday! which is exciting.)

Only 148 more days! ❤

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When planning a wedding, inspiration comes from everywhere; from the blogs you read, to the (yet-another) latest copy of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, to the grocery store, shopping center and what/wherever! And trends that you’ve seen and disregarded somehow surface, and regain your interest.

Hence, the cupcakes.

Yes, there will be a cake at the wedding, but how lovely would be the addition of absolutely adorable ‘couture’ inspired cupcakes to our cutesy candy buffet?

Of course, this requires me to do something that is very difficult; be patient! The cupcakes cannot be made until the day before, or more specifically, the night before.

So, welcome to your first official task, bridesmaids ;)!!
Have you ever experienced a surge of re-interest in something like I seem to have???

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Seeing as we are now just under 5 months out (GASP!) I thought that there is no time better than now to start working out scheduling details. Of course, our wedding is relatively low-key, but there are a few elements that I’d like to at least get a tentative hold of ASAP.

I thought I’d start with a basic event flow chart:

This explains things, as far as a proposed order. I don’t anticipate any other major events associated with our celebration, as we would prefer our guests to enjoy themselves with whatever wonderful Orlando activities they might be interested in, but feedback is welcome!

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…and another post.

I know, 6/22 must be post-a-palooza day…but I just wanted to post a link to a really cute project I found online that I’d love to incorporate to our reception decor; not as a cake-topper, since we’ve got that covered, but I am sure I can think of something! =D

Clothespin Cake Topper

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…well, I am not, per se, but I know one little pretty inanimate figure that is!


(pssstt…that last pic is a sneaky peaky to a DIY project currently in the works! stay tuned!)

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i do.

Browsing bridal magazines and websites is fun.  

…and dangerous.

Why dangerous?  Well, somewhere in your mind, you get this inclination that you need to incorporate every cute idea into your wedding, no matter the cost.  Well, when your wedding is on a budget, the ‘cost’ cannot be too high, yet you never want to feel like you’re missing out on something.

Enter yet another element I just HAD to add to our wedding, the “I DO” decorations.

Exhibit A:



Of course, I was not about to spend too much on a project that would probably serve little more than a cute “oh, look at that” moment (though I do hope to squeeze in a picture or two with us holding them), ala:



…so of course, I had to take manners into my own hands (literally!) and this is how I did it:


1. set out materials; ‘i d o’ letters from craft store – apx. $1/ea on sale @ JoAnn, paints, modge podge, hot glue gun, assorted ribbon and buttons.


2. pick out a variety of scrapbook paper sheets that go with color scheme; i got a pack of Martha Stewart branded paperstock at Walmart for aboout $5-6.


3. arrange the letters on the paper and trace around with pencil.


4. cut around the pencil lines; a miniscule amount inside the line, to adjust for fit.


5. with foam brush, apply modge podge in thin, even layer over the letter, then adhere paper letter! after this dries, if desired, add embellishments, such as ribbon, buttons, charms, etc to personalize.


6. repeat process on back of letters, then let dry.


And voila!  Adapting ideas to a theme is almost a theme of its’ own, once you get your creativity flowing…what other trends could stand a little old-school elbow-grease translation?

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