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I got two emails this morning – one from theknot, and one from project wedding, reminding me that at 6 MOS, apparently it’s time to ORDER YOUR INVITATIONS.

Well, Eric and I have been busy on this task, because we are DIYing them!  We’re still on prototype phase, but the RSVP cards that I have “custom ordered” from Eric are awesome!

Photo 70

Sneaky Peaky!


Also, yay wonderful news, as updated in several locations, we are official with our amazing photographer, Amanda, as we now appear on her availability calendar!
Happy Thursday, everyone!


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I admit, I am a slave to several bridal trends, and am surrendering to more than a few for our wedding:

  • Candy Buffet
  • Birdcage veil/fascinators
  • Pocketfold invitations
  • Colored shoes

..so why not add one more?



I am trying now, to figure out which type I’d want to utilize for our wedding. Luna Bazaar has the best variety/prices that I’ve found thus far, and they range from very plain, solid colors (which we could spice up, if we wanted to) or even some really cute designs that’d look great with our colors/scheme, and perhaps serve multiple purposes in the wedding (shade, decoration, etc.)

What are some other creative uses of parasols you may have seen at weddings or other events?


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Hi, Eric and I are back from Iowa, and I am back to planning!

It was nice to have the extended weekend to not be doing wedding stuff, but fun enough, we had two engagement reception-type events while we were there! It was fun, I was able to meet more of his family on both his mom and dad’s sides and we even received our first gift, a bottle of red wine right there from Iowa! Of course, we *had* to drink it there, since we carried on our luggage, but I did keep the cork as a memento =)

I have two things to share today:
‘Petal runner’

In lieu of an aisle runner, since we’ll be outside, in the grass, I was thinking of lining the ‘aisle’ with petals, and in my search for feasible options to accomplish this, I came across this site that ships freeze-dried flower petals for that very purpose (among others).

Secondly, just wanted to share this pic I found on Project Wedding
…just because it’s pretty…and I like her hair =)

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I like how I am already doing a handful of these items! Great ideas:

Recession Busters for Brides on a Budget article

Also, yesterday I drove up to Ocoee to meet with the seamstress, Cyndi, @ Artystic Seams and that went pretty well. She liked my crazy blue shoes and was impressed at the fit of my dress – it made me happier and love my dress even more! I miss my dress now, since I’ve been trying it on pretty much weekly since I got it, but I know she’ll do a great job with it so it’s all good. =D

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Kinda love it…

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Haha! I was working on some top secret projects this evening, and since I finished sooner than expected, I went to start elements of the invites!! I ❤ my 2″ circle cutter! Yay yay yay.

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