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collage it up.


General idea!


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Okay, just to add something fun and random – how gorgeous, fun, cute and amazing is this:

Most definitely would be PFH (pretty freaking awesome) to have a pic like this!

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kusudama krazee.

Phew! I’ve now completed nine kusudama – 60 petals each, so that means I have made 540 petals! ZOMG.

That last batch, I had meant to cut the paper and pack up little packets for my volunteers (*coughJENNIandLIZcough*) but then I started folding…and gluing…and hot glue gunning…and voila, a few days and obsession-filled nights later, I realized I had filled a large bag of petals/flowers! Wow…so, this time, I am going to ATTEMPT to just cut the 4x4s. Also, today Eric asked what exactly the kusudama are for, and up to this point, I was envisioning them as aisle decorations for the ceremony, ala:

or maybe more as a ceremony center decoration…from gazebo…though they’re all the same color…at least the ones i have so far are….


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Oh wow.

As I sit here, working on yet another petal for my endless amount of kusudama flowers (and yes, bridesmaids, I will send over some paper for you to assist me as soon as I go nuts over them, lol) I thought, “Oh dang, it’s been like a week since I last posted!”

Welllll…so I log in here to WordPress and realize that, no, it’s only been a few days…just felt like longer.  Wow, I guess you could say I am addicted!

So, news, or lack of news:

  1. Following an article on read on the weddingbee blog, I decided to organize certain shared tasks between me & Eric on GoogleDocs.  So far, I have posted the ever-changing guest list and we’ve been working on that.  
  2. I keep seeing crazy fun things all over the net and I need to keep reminding myself that, while details are fun, those can come later.
  3. Meeting with photographer this week.
  4. Meeting with seamstress next week (hopefully, she said she’d e-mail me to confirm).

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Candy Buffet

Recently, I was thinking about how we would incorporate more personal touches to the wedding reception…while simultaneously daydreaming about sweets (and how I should not be eating too many of them if I’d like to fit into my dress!) and poof!  It hit me in the middle of a conversation I was having with my mom this evening.

We could incorporate the popular idea of a candy buffet…

with different Japanese candies…

and create a totally neat favor station!  Yay, LOVE it!!

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Okay, so of course, I like to mix it up, and as theknot.com reminded me this morning, I have 7 months to go!  Here are a few randoms:

  1. In one month from now, I’d like to send out the Save the Dates.
  2. I have a meeting with photographer coming up.
  3. I have a meeting with seamstress the next week for alterations.
  4. I cut my hair…so it could change the hairstyle ideas a little, but not too much…besides, who knows what length I may have my hair @ come November…

Another cute style:


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Hi Kristina!
You’ve got 7 months to go!
Decide on your bridesmaid dresses.

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