“…Why Didn’t I Think Of That!?!?”


Today I came across the collage above and simultaneously had two thoughts in my mind…namely:

  • How COOL is that?!
  • How NERDY is that!?

After seeing that image, I figured a “segway wedding” Google search might yield a virtual cornucopia of geekish delight, and what can I say…I was not disappointed!!

{source (that’s Miss Maryland!), source}

And even a Segway wedding mishap video!!

Oh boy.  My heart was happy to see two of my most favorite interests ‘married’ in such a fashion!



As the night drew to a close, each minute stood as a unique, happy feeling.  Looking around, I could see a wonderful array of people who cared about us, and who we loved, all together in the same room, celebrating such a happy event – some celebrated on the dance floor, others kept the conversations at the tables and others snapped photographs through the evening (check our FLICKR for some excellent guest photos!) and went back for seconds (and thirds!) of our yummy wedding cake.


Smiling, laughing and deep sighs of relief were the name of the game by the last two songs played by the DJ, and when the lights came on, a lot of our guests had filtered out, after exchanging quick “goodbyes” and “good lucks!”  I know I felt much like a butterfly by then, fluttering around the room and making sure everyone had had a great time.  Then, it was time to scoop up all the items we could and transport them back to the house…this went without a hitch, with the catering staff on hand to remove linens and things, while friends and family volunteered their efforts to box up decor and other personal items.

Back at the house, we exchanged more hugs with family members and then, as quick as we could, threw some clothes and toiletries into a rolling suitcase and changed clothes and it was OFF to the Grand Floridian to SLEEP!


After the quick drive, my NEW HUSBAND (!!) parked the car, then we checked in and got settled into our room!  It was HUGE !!  Inside, there were some awesome surprises, like balloons, chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne.  Wahoo!!  I was sleepy, but we had to stay up just a little bit to have a quick visit from our awesome friends who delivered my suitcase (which had been in Liz’s hotel room) and swapped suits for return.  We were able to catch a bit of the Magic Kingdom fireworks, and I hugged my friends that had jet-setted in just for the wedding and would be leaving the following morning.  I felt so blessed to have them there, and it was the perfect ending to an amazing day.

Coming soon.

Okay, friends, I am back, and with a 1/2 post; one that has a few announcements of coming attractions, but little content!

  1. I designed, ordered and received our WEDDING ALBUM!  I went through a company called A&I Books and took advantage of an awesome Groupon and we love how it turned out.  Look for that post soon.
  2. With the help of Amanda McMahon, our wedding photographer extraordinaire, I can now add “Trash the Dress” as a session/experience I need to blog about to my list because she swooped in (along with the amazing Makeover Maven, Heather!) and helped me plan a double TTD – for me and my good friend, Karalea.
  3. Recaps still haven’t been officially completed, but hey, I’ve still got 5+ months before our 1st anniversary! 😉
  4. And finally a READER QUESTION: Should I recap/journal highlights from our honeymoon?  Would it be helpful to read a blog post about budget honeymoon tips?  Let me know, that’s a project I’d love to share with anyone that might have questions.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now, folks, but as I can see from my WordPress Dashboard, there ARE some readers out there still (bless your hearts!) despite my mini-hiatus from ‘this side’ of my blogging, but in the meantime, feel free to keep up with me at my personal blog, here.

(and for good measure, heck, how abouts a pic?  of course, credit goes to Amanda McMahon)

More recaps are coming (and even something else fun and wedding- related!) but wanted to share this, while ya wait…

We were featured AGAIN!  This time, at My Kate Parker Wedding.

Take a looksie!


In the Books.

As the night was winding down, we realized that there was a big thing we needed to do – and that was, check out the paperwork to make sure it was legally legal and officially official!

I checked out the paperwork to make sure that what we needed was there…then asked our Maid of Honor and Best Man to sign as witnesses (not necessary in FL, but we wanted them to be recorded on our paperwork for all eternity…)

Yay, got both of their John Hancocks…then we folded it up, placed it into the provided envelope and Tom our officiant pledged that it would be filed on Monday morning!

And a kiss seals the deal! 🙂

All lovely photogoodness…Amanda McMahon, of course!

…but in the meantime…here are two stalker pics of a wedding we saw at our venue yesterday!  =)

Here we were hiding behind some bushes and looking on…

…and this one was a pic from behind the glass, into the reception hall.  Notice their chiavari chairs…fancy!

It was a great way to celebrate our three-month milestone!

One year ago.

I said yes!